Newbie Journal Entry #1 – 5th Place (2)

5th Place (2)
Newbie Journal Entry #1
Prize: 350m ISK
Author: Eben Hopwil

You’re on the #winning train it seems! Never not undock (unless, ya know, instadeath). Even in the most basic ship you’re a valuable asset to Brave and any fleet. You never fly alone in Brave, you have the force of a hundred guns over your shoulder and although it might not always go to plan we always have fun!

A new capsuleer eyes null security space for the first time. With his new found immortality he had decided to become an entrepreneur. An industrialist, providing other young-lings with ships to destroy. Nothing can be done safely in New Eden, and Eben was tired of being insta-blapped and gf’d back to a backwater Gallente system.

Enter BRAVE. A beacon of light to the newbies of New Eden. He heads to I1Y-IU with a Venture loaded with blueprints and a pocket full of ISK.

Geared now with a Newbro Atron and a bunch of newbies on comms he awakes to a Thrasher on the I1Y-IU undock. Without hesitation he undocks to see a few BRAVE newbies off to the side watching the Thrasher sitting not too far from a warp in. No second thoughts. Warp. Tackle. Die.

But somehow, the Thrasher was dead too. Eben had absolutely no idea what happened. He still doesn’t to be honest. On the Standing Fleet comms Turkey Sandvich2 calls out, “Who was that in the Atron?”.

“Was I.” said Eben.

“I’m sending you 100m.”

Eben only just started his journey, but now he has some capital to start with, and a story to tell.

Notes in Blue are our Own.