Operation Rescue

Notes in Blue are our own. This was posted on the forums by master tactician and newbro Allusionwhit. The story was too good not to share. Allusionwhit has also made another outstanding contribution to Brave, buy burning an amazing amount of tacts on our new station, making Do6 (colloquially referred to as DOG-HQ) feel a bit more like home. We would like to thank Allusionwhit. And we also will be mirroring the award winning stories from the contest Fleet Commander TheReverand Arnst hosted.

What’s that? What’s going on…. where? The battle of SH1-6P has begun! Titans, Carriers, Dreadnaughts and all the T3 ships you can think of are fighting and there are wrecks are far as the eye can see. Allusionwhit, my alias in Eve; is a great ninja looter. Hearing about this great fight going on and only 20 jumps through null sec, how could I resist the chance to risk my 6 Mil isk ship to make who knows how much? I grab my Magnate and head out on my journey.

Several of my alliance members have traveled there in fast interceptors and said there are several gate camps along the way. Knowing that I have very little odds of making it past a gate camp, I decide to travel a few extra jumps and go a different way. Making safes in every system along my way I survive several attacks on my ship and due to being triple warp core stabbed I get out of every small gate camp. About 3 systems out time dialation starts and the game slows way down. In the 2 months I’ve been playing Eve I’ve never seen this before and it takes some getting used to. From this point on every gate as more T3 destroyers and cruisers on them then I’ve ever seen 50-75 ships per gate camp. Due to the time dialation and plain old luck, I make it through and land in a bubble inside of SH1-6P.

Immediately I cloak up and the bubble disappears and I’m able to warp off. I warp to an alliance member and get my first glance at the massive battle. There are 2500 people in local and most of them are right here in front of me! I land about 200km from this battle and decide its way too close. I burn a nice tac about 400km from the battle. It is now time to start making isk! My Magnate only holds 400m^3 of loot so I need to be kind of selective on the modules I pick up, however why be sensible with billions loot sitting in front you! I jump to the largest wreck on the field. Knowing very well that I can’t carry any capital modules I thought maybe I’d get lucky, and I do. He’s carrying a mobile depot! This is great news, I make a safe in the corner of the system and deploy my mobile depot. I can now store 3000m^3 of loot in the mobile depot and just come back to get it later. I loot every wreck I can as quickly as possible. In the progress of looting I realize that all the faction modules are gone from all the wrecks, so I’m just looting everything. I also find 5 more mobile depots!

The battle is coming to an end and large ships are warping off the field and all that is left is small fast ships and small fleets of ships trying to catch small ships looting the field. Time dialation is gone and we are back to full speed, also making this much more dangerous. I have made several more tacs to jump to and from, but eventually they grab me and I can’t warp off. Sadly I’m dead and my looting trip ended with my death, but successful none-the-less. I figure if I wait a few days I can go back and check it out to see how I did.

6 days or so go by, I grab an Atron and start my trip to check out my loot. It’s just after down time and no one is online. I make the trip without incident. I warp to my loot and find that no one has scanned down my 6 mobile depots all stacked in a row in the middle of space. I check each one and I have 350 Mil isk worth of modules. Unfortunately it’s also 3300m^3 in size. I have two options here. I can make 8 trips in my magnate at 40 jumps per round trip, or make a very Very risky trip in a tier 1 industrial ship, the Bestower.

Its Monday morning just after down time here in the US. Circle of Two is the owner of the system SH1-6P and their primary time is EU. I ask in standing fleet if anyone wants to scout my Bestower to SH1-6P. I get two replies Donark accepts the mission and flies an interceptor. Another pilot accepts bit then gets disconnected from the game. So it’s just the two of us. I scout the beta map and there only 3 systems with more than 1 pilot in system, so we decide to go for it. He scouts +1 the whole way and we make it without me being seen by a single ship. I get to my mobile depots and they are still there and still undetected. I grab all my loot and it’s time to leave.

There are 5 nuets in system and none on descan. Warp to the gate and jump. 1 nuet in system nothing on descan warp to the gate and there is a Deimos on descan! I jump and warp to a safe. There was no one in H-W9TY when it was scouted and now there are four. Donark tells me there is a Raven and a Crow on in gate to the next system. These systems are all part of a pipeline, so there is no guessing as to which way I’m headed. We spend an hour trying to wait them out, but more and more people are logging in and showing up. Donark said I should drop my mobile depots and get rid of all my modules and he’d go get some exotic male dancers for me to put in the cargo hold and I could warp to the gate and lose my ship to them, and just come back another time to get the loot. A great idea, but I don’t want to come back in another industrial ship and do this again, nor do I want to give them the satisfaction of killing me.

Clay Robertson comes online and asks what we’re doing and I tell him that I have a Bestower 18 jumps away in Circle of Two space, he laughs and is surprised that I made it this far. I tell him the whole story and he said he’d help me out. Clay Covertly Cynos his Black Ops Sin into system and takes 3000m^3 of my loot and Cynos it back to DO6H-Q in trade for a nice module in the loot that he needs… Great trade I’d say. I am still stuck in system though, but now with 300 mil isk less to worry about. You might be thinking, all that is left to do is get my ship blown up at the gate, but you’d be wrong. These guys are out for blood and I’d be fine losing my ship is if I get caught by someone that could out strategize me, but I am not about to just get my ship killed for the convenience of it.

I have a crazy idea that just might work if luck is on my side. I warp to a corner of the system that is about 1au from a POS that I saw on descan. I drop all my mobile depots and remove every module from my ship. I then make another safe about 1au from my depots and eject from my ship. I warp to a moon and self-destruct. Now all I have to do is hope that anyone that sees my ship on descan will also see the POS and assume that it is in there.


4 days later I’m on a gate camp that can’t find any content. We are trying different gates and just can’t seem to find anyone. Since everyone is bored and looking for something to do, I offer a suggestion. I tell them about my ship that is stranded in H-W9TY 18 jumps away. A few say that it sounds fun and they want to do it. We go back to DO6H-Q to reship and prepare for the rescue mission. The involved parties were, Tyrell Cadabra – Stiletto, Algorthan Gaterau – Taranis, Ego Tripping – Cormorant, Aris Hideron – Condor, Nathan Yang – Atron.

I’ve never been a FC before, but I took charge of this group of elite pilots in an effort to make Brave’s name infamous within the Corp: Circle of Two and throughout Tribute and Fade regions, and to get my shp! We make our way to H-W9TY with little resistance and very few neuts in the systems leading up to H-W9TY. We jump in and there are no neuts in system. I warp to my saved location for my Bestower not knowing if it will even be there. To my surprise, it’s still there untouched. I board into my Bestower and warp to my depots that are also untouched. I scoop up the depots and refit my ship. While refitting my ship the system become very busy. Neuts jumping in and out and now there are Tengu’s, Stilettos’, and many other battle cruiser sized ships and below camping gates and making it very clear they are here for us.

Due to my lack of FC experience I didn’t designate someone to take charge while I was off refitting my ship. Due to the lack of leadership, Ego Tripping was scanned down and dropped on and died. Quickly after this happened everyone warped to new safes and we reorganized. The interceptors in the fleet scouted MSHD-4 and it is a very small system with nowhere to run and hide. It is the fastest way home, but not the way we would be able to go. The only way to make it out is to go back toward SH1-6P. They either got bored or made a mistake but they left the stargate for D7-ZAC unguarded and gave us a quick opportunity. I jump through into D7-ZAC and immediately warped to the Taranis who was at a tac 1000km off the gate and cloaked up. 1 Jump down now 25 to go.

They immediately realize their mistake and follow pursuit after us. D7-ZAC is a larger system giving us the ability to move around without being on anyones descan the whole time. It takes an hour or so but I get into position and I’m out of descan range from the station and less than 1au from the stargate. I’m a bit nervous because I’ve seen a Dominix and an Armageddon on descan briefly, but I get the all clear on the in gate inside of WH-JCA. I jump to the gate and as I land a stiletto lands with me! I know I’m dead… It was a great effort but there is no escape for me from this guy. Unbelievably the Stiletto wasn’t with Circle of Two! He warped off the gate and didn’t even think about it. I cloak up as fast as I can and stop to take a breath and a sigh of relief. It’s short lived though, because a Proteus and a Tengu decloak on the gate. I align out to be ready if they decloak me, but they jump the gate and leave. Still there are two neuts in system, but with little effort we make it out and the next 19 jumps are through systems that are empty or they have no knowledge of the rescue mission and what I’m flying so they pay no attention.


5 Jumps out we are home sweet home! All we have to do is jump the ROIR-Y stargate and jump into Brave owned Space! Of course we jinxed ourselves though. I warp to the Taranis at 100km to put me 250km off the ROIR-Y gate and as soon as I’m in warp a Malediction jumps in the system just in time to see me land on grid. I cloak up and call the fleet to the gate. Seeing all the approaching ships the Malediction jumps back into ROIR-Y. The Stiletto jumps into ROIR-Y to +1 and see what’s on the stargate. The Malediction has warped off the gate, but there are 11 neuts in system which wasn’t a huge deal before, but now that they know what I’m flying, I’m slightly concerned. I decide to risk it and I’m going to jump into ROIR-Y so I decloak and align. As I do the Malediction lands on the stargate and jumps in and sees me decloaked 250km off the gate. This time I have to wait 10 sec for the cool down on my cloak before I can cloak again. I cloak up, but he is on a really good vector for decloaking me. I ask the taranis to warp to me at 10km in hopes of changing his vector. It doesn’t work, however he only gets within 4500m of me so I don’t decloak. At the same time the Taranis burns toward the Malediction and he decloaks me! Luckily I was already aligned to a safe so I warped off and made it safely. Knowing now that I can’t make the last 5 jumps with the small fleet we have, I decide to ask for help.

Standing fleet tells me there is a Talwar roam going on and they might be close by. I change com channels and Aquasta is the FC for the fleet. I explain our situation and the story of past events and they are all shocked that we have made it this far, but they have found no content and they would come help us. As they make their way I am deciding whether or not to use my ship as bait for the Malediction or not. Since extremely risky plans have worked so far I decide to do it. The Talwar fleet land on the ROIR-Y gate and I am aligning to the gate to be the bait and a ship jumps into system. It’s a Bifrost. This changes things, due to his ability to Micro Jump 100km in any direction and take any ships close to him on the deadly trip too. I stop my ship and he warps to the stargate. On landing he aggresses the Taranis and the Talwar fleet jump the stargate and tackle the Bifrost. The Taranis dies in the process but the Bifrost is killed.


He is a little salty that he got jumped which adds to the satisfaction of the kill. Having been saved by the fleet I warp to the stargate and now warp from gate to gate with the fleet in fleet warps. Everyone is cheering and happy and can’t believe the story that I’m telling you now. We jump the stargate in DO6H-Q and being complacent that we made it the FC warps us before my slow ship aligns all the way, leaving me at the gate alone. As they warp off a Stabber lands at the gate and starts to burn toward me. Luckily I am now aligned and I warp safely to station. Greeted with fireworks, laughter and a big sigh of relieve, I made it home. Rescue Op was a success.

Special thanks to the pilots of BRAVE NEWBIES INC. who risked their digital lives and millions of ISK to help rescue Allusionwhit and his Bestower.