We’re Moving Back To The Circle of Life

Well, what a rollercoaster we’re living on. The ups and downs of having a lightning success story in cloud ring, followed by a good deal of heartbreak and uncertainty has Continue Reading →

#myEVEstory – Dunk Dinkle


Update to the Update!

So, here I was, feeling all sad and sorry for myself, wondering what the hell we were going to do now that we were on the ropes. I was worried Continue Reading →

SOTA – January 28, 2017


Cagali Cagali, CEO of BRAVE and Head of Brave Alliance updates the Alliance on the situation faceing BRAVE. TL;DR Everyone is to be like little Fonzies. And what is Fonzie like?

Goshee Returns


I sit down with the creator of the first newbie corp in EVE Online, the famous, Goshee. There have been numerous songs and poetic stanzas written about this man, who one day vanished from EVE.

There are several songs and videos referenced in this piece you may find them here:

I Wanna Be Like Goshee – Prexel

Goshee and Ellahan talk about their EVE addiction

An Offer to Refuse [Part 1]

Rookie Empire Goshee Tribute

Some fun on Eve Voice with Goshee

Howard Stern Talks About EVE Online

Eve Online – Voice chat rage

 Theaty Fail Legion of Idiot