Phoebe: Bomber Changes

Should New Players Train Bombers?

The changes of Phoebe put the new player in a unique perspective. As larger organizations scramble to find cohesive new doctrines post-Phoebe, newer players will have a bit of advantage. They can see the changes coming and can make the adjustments accordingly. While older players, may have a bit of a struggle with the frustration of new trains and adjusting to new tactics.

The question is, of course after other trains, are bombers still viable for a new player to train into. The answer is: Absolutely. Bombers provide you with an array of support skills that can be used almost as a cross train for exploration, recon, and even black ops.

The new changes will teach bomber pilots situational awareness, something that had been taken for granted with bomber fleets.

Bombers maybe nerfed into the ground one day, however you will still find yourself with an arsenal of great skills in the end.



    • A stat rebalance on the bombers themselves. Short version is significantly more HP, weaker agility, larger sig radius, more cargo (so that they can all carry 3 bombs), smidge more CPU, lower warp speed.
    • Cloaked ships will once again decloak each other if they come within 2km.
    • Reduction in HP (with increase in resists) for the damage bombs, so that they can be destroyed by (named or higher) medium smartbombs.
    • 17% reduction in bomb speed, with associated flight time increase. This means that you’ll have 12 seconds to react to bombs instead of 10. Range stays the same.
    • Doubling the effect of the Bomb Deployment skill, to 10% per level. This will allow people to bomb more often.
    • A new anti-capital void bomb with a tiny range and a large explosion radius. You need to land it right on your target but if you hit a cap ship it will eat a ton of cap.

-CCP Fozzie