Phoebe: Shadows of the Empire

CCP, the parent company on EVE, has certainly shaken things up with their planned Phoebe expansion (releasing November 4th). The implications are cloudy at best, as everyone is on a mad dash to predict what happens next. However, the old addage: The more things change the more they stay the same –could be not more true. If you are new to Brave Newbies, or are looking to join us, training for tried and tested skills will ease your transition into null sec sov, regardless what happens. These skill are to be trained in addition to your CORE skills and/or your desired skills, and are no means an “end” all to the skills you will need to have fun in null sec sov.

Cybernetics I (Can Use +3 Implants)

Informoph Psychology (+1 Jump Clone Per Level)

and eventually but ultimately:

Interceptors I (at a barest minimum)

Interceptors take about 23d 22h 40m 30s more or less. Once this skill is unlocked, you will be immune to getting “caught in bubbles”. It is by no means a necessity for coming out to join us, however, it will make zipping around null sec space much easier.