Querious Fight club – The Brave Take

Notes in Blue are our own. I have returned from my Summer vacation, and the website will resume regular posting. Some things were passed over for breviety, and we focused on major developments within BNI, with plans on returning to the cultural content. Upon my return, I peruse the back catalog, and update the site accordinly.

Game on! 7o- GodMode

Gday – Fresh from making an idiot of myself on film, I’ll jump in here and thrust myself into the glare of Reddit scrutiny.

So, I’ve seen some pretty sad posts on reddit recently, with some individuals being a bit bitter and angry about the current push from Broski, Darwinsim and various other parties.

There have been some cranky posting from a number of people, both Brave and Other members of the Fight Club. This is a really sad state of affairs. I want to present an alternative for your delectation and dissection, because having a blub isn’t what I want to see occurring from within Brave, or indeed from any QFC Member State.

I LOVE that there’s this huge Pink Elephant in the shape of a dirty great Fortizar right in the middle of ‘Our’ Space.

I lOVE that Broski and Darwin have phoned some bats and brought KOS down to dance with us.

I LOVE that NC. and PL showed up and third partied their asses off.

THIS is what the Fight Club is all about – and our numbers for that fleet showed that a lot of us think the same: we’re excited to have something to fight for, something to sink our teeth into. Something to have fun with, a goal to kick for, a target to strike at, an enemy willing to bring the fight to us.

I read various channels enviously as I sat on the train to work, and gave a little cheer when I heard the numbers, both for and against us. I congratulate you, Brave, on a fantastic showing, and I thank you to all the newbies who took the opportunity to get themselves in the ECM blob and give it a go.

I’m sorry that mistakes were made, and we got smacked in the face because of them. We’ll do better next time.

Now we have an exciting opportunity, Attacking the power of a Fortizar, fully armed and operational. Attacking a strong enemy. Defending from the same.

We all have a role here. From the newest of Newbie to the oldest and crankiest bittervet, and it’s not whinging on any form of Social Media – it’s doing what we do best – fighting. Be it economic, industrial or Combat oriented Warfare.

There’s no room for sad bastards. Brave, I need you to keep your shit together, BE Brave, and knuckle down. I want you to be ready to attack, defend, plug holes in our market wall, mine your motherfucking asses off, find your FUN, and ENJOY the game.

Even if we’re losing.

I’ll take the guys who want to screw their courage to the sticking place, nail their colours to the mast and stick with us. I’ll take the guys who want to play the Fight Club for everything it’s worth, accept any challenge we face, take the wins with the losses, and above all, not take the game too seriously!

EVERY one of us has a place, EVERY one of us has the ability to change the course of the fight, or the campaign, or the war. EVERY one of us has the ability and the opportunity to get on Social media and talk about the FUN that we’re having, the good fights, the dank memes, the hero tackle and the miracle logi. Do So. Just quit your whinging!

So come on, Brave, let’s see what you’ve got.

If all you can bring yourself to do is complain about how the fight didn’t go our way, or that someone else wasn’t playing fair, or that you weren’t allowed to bring your Drake, then perhaps a Fight club isn’t for you.

So thank you, Broski, for giving us the opportunity to have at you. Thank you, Darwinism, for continuing to push at us. Thank you, KOS, for answering the Phone. Thank you, PL and NC. for coming back to play with us. It’s a pleasure to learn from you.

7o, and we’ll see you on grid.