Recent server Meltdowns, BraveWTB and other things

Cagali Cagali , has been quite active keeping line members up to date with all goings-on inside Brave Newbies, and the larger Brave Collective. Notes in blue, as always, are our own. Recently, Cagali writes:

Hi there – Little update.

With Daily fleets, gangs and lone wolves going solo, Querious is a bright star in the game, and EVERYONE wants to fight us. We’ve had just about everyone come to visit, and we’re only getting better.

One thing I am noticing, however, is an apparent lack of new content Generators….So don’t be afraid to jump in the deep end, lead a roam, take a gang, plunge a wormhole, pick a fight, take a fight, rub your shenanigans up and down the hot chick’s leg like a Drunk Chihuahua ata cocktail party.

Brave is Great because our Noobs lead us and discover their greatness. Be one of them and have a crack. Unlike 95% of the Alliances and Corps out there, NOBODY is going to laugh at you for trying and failing…unless you’re a leadership type then fucking watch out because you’re in for some smack talk.

Now, Business!

Many of you noticed that our servers went down. This is because Mumble and the forums actually cost money! Like, real money. Banana Skins. Lettuce. Bread. Dough. Moolah. We used to pay for stuff with the proceeds from BraveWTB, but since you all seem to have forgotten that exists, we missed a bill. Or two.

Anyway, the dude who runs bravewtb is closing up shop, and so we need a new way to fund things.

To that end I’ve today set up a Patreon account, where you can see what your cash is doing. It only costs about $140 bucks a month to run our mumble, so I hope I’ve done the maths right. There’s not going to be a compulsion to to pay, cos fuck that noise, but I’m going to heavily guilt trip you bastards until we meet the target each month.

If we blast through the target I’ll close the donations, since the last thing I want is to have to explain to the Federal Police why I’m getting donations from people saying: “Here’s some cash to help us blow things up” and that sort of malarkey. My wrists are sensitive, and I don’t like handcuffs.

Sixthly, The Dojo can always use some of your in game generosity – so if you feel like throwing them a fitted griffin or maulus so a newbie can get his feet under him and fuck some shit up then plz gib. We also have the FC free program which also does amazing work reshipping nerds and getting them out there.

That’s all for now, keep training and progressing, and bloody recruit a noob today, they’re awesome, and remember, BE BRAVE


We are sad to see the brave store closing, but it is understandable. We thank them for the work they had put into the store and the organization. Exciting news on the Patreon front. In a separate message Cagali writes:

WTB an amazing 7o logo for the portrait on that site (currently being placeheld by the Dojo Logo)

If you can design it, mail me and we’ll pick a winner on the 23rd of March, 2016.

Prize will be…a…ummm….Tengu, with a Cagali Corpse in it.

Also, Bloody well get designing some dank memeology, posters, artwork, macaroni Hurricanes, tattoos-across-your-man-boobies.

Brave Is Recruiting, God damn it, we need to tell people about it. Contact Wiros Pothead for inclusion on the regular Roster of Propagandists!


Brave has an assortment of talented individuals and we at BraveNewbies.Org are interested in seeing the logo for the Patreon.