Revenant Kill by Brave Collective and friends

First thing to know is a Revenant is a faction supercarrier that costs roughly 100B, before fittings. This is the cost of your average Titan. Normal supercarriers cost a fourth of what the Revenant goes for. At current plex prices, the ship with fittings costs roughly $2,500 USD if you wanted to just buy enough plex to afford the ship.

The story starts with a solid bit of intel from Jim Rheic. He reported seeing a medium citadel anchoring in OGY-6D. Recon bros were asked to check it out, and Kinera Anurin volunteered to do so. After logging the vulnerability timer for the citadel, he did a sweep of the rest of the constellation as there were a couple of alliances that had recently begun flipping the systems there. THIS IS WHY RECON IS SO GOOD.

One system over in 8-SNUD, Kinera spotted a Revenant on dscan. This threw a huge red flag, what the hell was a Rev doing down here? Unfortunately he didn’t have probes. Ada Kilndown started burning over immediately with probes. They deduced that he had cloaked up somewhere in system. This was problematic. Technically, the Rev could stay cloaked until downtime and we wouldn’t be able to find him.

Eventually, the Rev leaves system. Because recon is awesome, they figured out that the Rev had cyno’d into V-L and made haste to get over there. However there was nobody in system. Locator agent showed he was still in V-LEKM, so he must have safe logged. Again, because recon is awesome, they find the wreck of the cyno ship and also made an educated guess that the Rev immediately safelogged on jumping into system, instead of warping to a safe, as is usually customary when moving the biggest of Big Atrons. This also led to the realization that the Revenant did not have enough capacitor to jump out of system immediately (it requires more than 70% full capacitor to do this). This took a while and some brainpower to determine, but ended up being 100% correct. Figuring this out was eventually key in catching the ship.

The spot is bookmarked and Kinera bugs a couple of people to help him camp it. In total he had been following this ship for more than four hours. Kinera hands the cloaky campfire over to John LiWang, Brotter Otichoda and GoldLeader and logs off, as it’s past 4 a.m. for him.

The three amigos camp the logout spot for another hour and a half in cloaked ships. During this time I set up a POS in V-L and bring in an SMA to fill with dictors on the recommendation of ex-Brave recon director Cornak Firefist. Brotter and GoldLeader have to go, I had to go eat dinner. Mikal Werrengard volunteers to come out in a cloaky flycatcher and joins John on the campsite. Clay Robertson also joins them during this time. For another two hours it’s just them three.

I log back in and see a message from Cagali that INFAMOUS has invited us to bash a pos that has a Titan logged off in it. Very kind of them. But now it’s a choice, do we abandon the Rev camp and possibly let it get away, or potentially go kill the Titan which needs to either escape quickly or be forced to stay logged off until the INFAMOUS replacement POS dies. Mikal courageously volunteers to stay behind by himself while we quickly form bombers to bash the pos with INFAMOUS. If the Revenant had logged in during this period, we might have lost it.

That didn’t happen fortunately, though we did not get any Titan kills either. We scoot back into I1Y and Dunk Dinkle volunteers to help me stock the POS in V-L with the remainder of our dictor cache. I head back to hang with Mikal on my main while Dunk and I coordinate the POS stocking. Dunk offers his Lif to carry the dictors over to V-L.

I made a pretty critical mistake here because I am a newbie and I still don’t know how to do things correctly in this crazy game. Apparently the cool thing to do is to initiate self-destruct on your ship, which takes two minutes to occur. 15 seconds before you blow up, you’re supposed to light the cyno, which means there is only a very narrow window in which other people can warp to the cyno. I did not do this, and just lit the cyno without self destructing my ship at first. Derp derp derp.

Dunk cynos in and aligns to the pos with his Lif when the CYNO CHAR FOR THE REV LOGS IN. OH SHIT. Our caps are put on standby and the other fight club alliances are informed of this development. Incredibly, the cyno char actually warps to my cyno at 100 while Dunk is still aligning to the POS. Dunk makes it in and stuffs the dictors in the SMA. The cyno char left system, so I convo’d him on an alt. Sneaky Dunk suggests that we act scared that he was so close to the Lif, to boost his confidence.

[ 2016.05.26 05:58:21 ] shieff > ?
[ 2016.05.26 05:58:41 ] Icario Aytalt > thanks for not shooting fax
[ 2016.05.26 05:58:42 ] Icario Aytalt > that was scary
[ 2016.05.26 05:59:00 ] shieff > If I had a point it would have died tbh
[ 2016.05.26 05:59:11 ] shieff > but alas, I was only move fit
[ 2016.05.26 05:59:31 ] shieff > so you did get very lucky :P
[ 2016.05.26 05:59:42 ] Icario Aytalt > haha
[ 2016.05.26 05:59:49 ] Icario Aytalt > spooky
[ 2016.05.26 05:59:57 ] Icario Aytalt > we do not have many lifs
[ 2016.05.26 05:59:59 ] Icario Aytalt > we like that one


Anyways, I am about to move my alt’s pod back to I1Y when the REV LOGS IN AND LANDS RIGHT ON TOP OF MIKAL AND ME IN OUR CLOAKY DIC AND HIC. ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit

Mikal grabs the first bubble on him. Revenant tackled. Mikal warps away, which is the proper thing to do since you want to keep your dictors alive as long as possible. I throw up my hic bubble on him. My hands are shaking so hard I can hardly hold the mouse. In one of those “you’re in a nightmare moving in slow motion” moments, I frantically type across all channels that I’m in that the Rev is tackled. Fight Club is informed. Clay puts out the alliance ragepings and people pile into the fleet. Clay begins burning a cyno over quickly to bridge bombers in. Eventually, the Rev kills me and I warp to our POS to avoid being smartbombed and grab a dictor. But I’m dumb and forgot that my main is not in the POS corp, and therefore cannot access the stash of dictors! Fuck me. Mikal warps back in to throw up more hero bubbles, but he eventually goes down too. ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit. We lost tackle on the Rev. Fuck, we might have lost this one.

We are yelling at everyone in Brave and other fight club alliances to burn dictors over asap. The fleet is growing by the second and I can hear Norman, Dunk and Clay working out the cyno, as well as organizing and undocking the fleet. They did an absolutely fantastic job. Lucky that my POS character was just one jump out, and we start launching dictors from the POS as the Brave fleet is bridged into system. I put my main back on the log out point where the Rev was just a minute ago, but there’s nothing on grid. The first few Brave start to land in the POS and in on my pod. The Rev was still in system, but not on scan anywhere. We realize he cloaked, and the Brave dudes start starbursting. It was a tense 30 seconds, when all of a sudden – REV ON GRID. FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. WE NEED TO TACKLE HIM.

Then n0rman’s voice cuts through the silence as clear as anything I’ve ever heard. “BUBBLE!” YES! More dictors land on grid, and we spam dozens of bubbles on him.

This Rev is fucking tackled for good now.

Fight Club goes into crazy mode. We let them know the Rev is hard tackled. Rote Kapelle rageforms their caps and starts throwing dictors our way. Squirrels arrive on scene within 60 seconds and bring more dictors. Infamous had people not too far away, and they too arrive on grid shortly. The grid is filled with Brave bombers flinging torpedoes at the Revenant.

We form our own caps, and Turkey Sandvich gets the cyno in position for us to bridge in. He does so and we see Rote Kapelle already has caps on grid, as well. The grid is filled with bubbles in every direction. We realize that this guy is fucking dead.

As the Revenant explodes, so does comms. We are going so crazy. Everyone, both Brave and all the other fight club groups, was over the moon at this. GFs and congratulations are exchanged over local. All the groups, as is polite to do, let each other evacuate their forces and caps untouched.

We did it. This was a super that Brave scouted, that Brave hunted, that Brave camped for eight hours straight. This was OUR kill. To their credit, the Fight Club alliances were majorly on point and did not hesitate to assist us when we requested it. They rage pinged just as hard as we did, they dropped everything they had in as short a period of time as possible. But WE were the ones that made it happen. SO PROUD OF EVERYONE.

Biggest props go to Kinera Anurin. He wasn’t on for the kill, but he did everything to set it up. He was proactive and intelligently deduced what the Rev was doing, and where he was in system. Without his efforts, we wouldn’t have had this opportunity in the first place. It was a big play, and it led to Brave’s first real super kill in a long time. MVP status, for sure.

Let’s get another tomorrow, yeah?

We set up a POS to stash dictors in system. I jumped a Lif in to drop them off. The cyno was done wrong, without a self-destruct, and his scout warped to the cyno at 100 and saw me in the LIf, aligning to the POS.


He said in local that I was lucky he didn’t have a point, or I’d be dead. He really thought that we were the target. I stashed the dictors and jumped out.

Unbelievably, he logged the Revenant and we had someone waiting in his login spot. He cloaked, we bridged in bombers, dropped bubbles, and he was uncloaked.

Next all our friends arrived with caps, we bridged in ours and he was dead.

Kudos to all involved. I still can’t believe we pulled this off.

Dunk Dinkle

-AAR by Roartak, Mil Dir
-Video by Enciu Constantin
-Propaganda by Wir0s, Propoganda