Roartak Steps Down; Kinera Promoted to New Military Director


Some say all good things must come to an end. I think that’s a bunch of bullshit – Brave FOREVER! Others say that you can’t always get what you want, and I guess that applies here, so we’ll go with that.

I’m stepping down as Military Director, and going AFK for not a short while.

With approval from Cagali, Kinera Anurin has been tapped as Brave’s new Military Director, effective immediately as of this post. I will be staying in various channels and roles to facilitate a smooth transition for about a week.

The reason has to do with some sucky stuff I’m dealing with in RL. Some recent events changed my life a lot, to a point where I’m no longer able to dedicate the time and attention necessary to do the MilDir job in the way that it deserves to be done, that it has to be done. In the past when I’ve had to take a break, it was always short term and the military team filled in just fine. This is a long term dealio, unfortunately, on a months scale. Also, I should say this has absolutely nothing to do with any aspect of in-game stuff, I had actually been looking forward to Catch quite a bit.

FC wat do

So, what does this mean for you, average alliance line member? Hopefully, little to nothing. Kinera has been my closest advisor since I first ascended to the glorious ranks of middle management military director position roughly 15 months ago. He has emerged as one of our leading talents, a trusted fleet commander and a thoughtful strategist. Behind nearly every major initiative, campaign, move and large fight in which we took part, he was there giving advice, making sure we aren’t missing any details and often taking direct leadership roles himself. That kind of experience and dedication has helped us achieve so many new milestones in the last year that I honestly could not list them all out because I know I’d forget some. He’s also got a great military and FC team behind him, and I know he will do us proud.


First, John LiWang, yes, the John LiWang has been named as a Full FC. I always thought the right time to award a Full FC tag was when there could be little doubt in anyone’s mind that this person was capable of leading our biggest fleets and trusted with the most sensitive and critical operations. John has been doing that for a while now, and he has really shown an aptitude for be able to fight at all scales. He has grown a fucking ton from the day he was just a little dank roamer in faction warfare with Merlin blobs, and it has been great to follow his progress over the last year and a half. He’s shown competence in all aspects of FCing, as well as excelling as the leader of our Alliance Tournament team and the Parroto Social Club meme addiction support group, and I think that this promotion was very well deserved. So congrats to John.

Second, Chester Paterson has been tapped as Capital Director to replace Kinera. Chester has been an outstanding Cap FC for us and has really done well at helping to organizing our cap pilots, leading them in combat, educating himself on capital warfare and at helping the rest of the FC team better integrate capital ships into their fleets. He literally came to me and Kinera one day and said “I want to FC caps” and we knew that he wasn’t actively leaking brain matter out his ears, so we trialed him out to start and he totally took a shine to leading the big ships in big boy fights. Kinera put in the tedious and difficult work to build our cap group from scratch, and I’m really happy that we grew it into a tangible, decent capital program can be handed over to a new generation of leadership. I look forward to seeing what Chester does in the months ahead.

pandering emotional shoutouts

– To my first loves: The FC team. You guys are the fucking best. It has truly been a privilege to be able to be your designated cat herder. We have seen and done so much together by now, and it has been so rewarding to have watched you guys grow in your abilities, confidence and fleet size. I’ve seen people who wanted to give up after leading their first fleet turn into stratop level FCs with hundreds of newbies at their command. I’ve seen FCs who I was certain fit a specific mold surprise me with capabilities I never thought they had. To these FCs, and to any people who might be interested in being an FC: Most people can FC, but only a few ever will. If you buckle down and work for it, if you put in the time, you will achieve greatness as an FC. Of that I have no doubt because I have seen people prove me right time and again. You can do it.

– To Cagali: I have learned a lot about leadership and integrity from you. I doubted you when you came on at first, but I am so happy you proved me so thoroughly wrong. Nobody else could have led Brave as well as you did through the situations we faced, nobody. You have empowered your directors well and made working with the rest of the directors and leadership a real pleasure. To the rest of you: Listen to Cagali, he won’t do Brave wrong.

– Late Night Squad (late US/early AU): The timezone I mostly played in. Honestly I was being serious when I said it was my favorite timezone. All the regulars here have always been super chill and up for any type of fun. We’ve had some crazy adventures and I just wanna say that logging in to shoot people, screw around and just chat during this time with fellow Braves is one of the main things that has kept me loving Eve.

– Rest of Brave: In case you had any doubts, you should know that Brave is a truly unique alliance, and Brave Newbies Inc. is a truly unique corp. Do not let anyone else persuade you otherwise, they either have another agenda or are just ignorant. This is an alliance that helps make EVE a great game to play for almost everyone we interact with. We occupy a niche, blending an absolute adoration and acceptance of new players, an independent spirit and almost total reliance on homegrown talent for all aspects of alliance operations.

This is why, as Cagali recently stated, Brave is EVE on hard mode. Because realistically all those three things together make it very tough in the current political environment to carve out our own sov space. I got a good laugh when I saw someone asking why Brave doesn’t use its caps as much as the other newbie groups – these groups for nearly their entire existence have lived under the protective umbrella of the game’s two major supercapital powers, never knowing the feeling of potentially having a giant super blob dropped on your newbie cap fleet one jump out of your own home staging. They have it much, much safer as a blob than our cap pilots have ever had it.

Yet, smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. If I wanted the safety net of those groups, I’d have left for them. I never once wanted that, and I assume at this point everyone’s aware of your options, and there’s a reason you’re still in Brave too. You want that harder fight, you want that greater challenge. There is an intangible feeling that comes with fighting a really tough opponent, in not giving up just because things would be easier, in forcing yourself to improve rather than having an easy out if you need it. Because I know that when we were dropping caps in Fade and Pure Blind under the nose of panfam and GOTG, racing the clock to shoot hostiles and exit before the supers showed up, I was fucking shaking with adrenaline like no other, and we learned a ton. When we staged those epic fucking bubble defenses in DO6, bringing all our knowledge to bear in one engagement to thwart 40 supers and Titans determined on entering our capital system, with more on reserve, that was a moment of real pride for me. While we are in Catch, we need to prepare ourselves as individuals and an alliance to face that next, tough challenge, and imbue this mindset in our newbies, because there will always be some baddy on the horizon for Brave.

That’s the kind of Eve I want to play though. I want to have “undock and fight” as the rule, not the exception when facing tough opponents. I want to invite someone brand new to join me in that fight and show them why this game can be so great. I want to fly with people who take pride in taking on challenges that force them to grow. That’s why I’m with Brave, and that’s why I will continue to be when I return. You all better be here too :)

Until then, see you around friends.


Roartak you were always a very chill Californian (at least we assume you were)…how about West Coast radical dude. We hope the IRL issues mean plenty of good things and opportunities have opened up for you. If IRL is less than ideal we hope they pass over you quickly. You were always the calm voice in a storm of everyone losing their shit. We have faith in your choice Kinera, and although he is a lose cannon, he is one damn fine cop…errr FC. We jest, Kinera FC’d wonderfully and has the right intelligence and drive for Brave. And we are excited to see what the future holds. 7o!

Notes in Blue Are Our Own