Roartak’s Military Update


This is a quick military update about all things Catch.

We are back in GE- now, and nostalgia levels are at an all-time high. Great work to capture the stations so far with minimal ships available.

So what’s the deal now?


  1. Your primary objective right now is to fully restock your Hangar List in the GE- station. Most importantly, get your “Big 3” doctrine ships ready – Canes, Maels and ANIs. Get Harpies and bombers if you can, as well. We’re aiming to be stratop ready by this weekend. Market guys, we need all the things, and getting in your stock early means better profits for ya, and better readiness for the alliance. We’re going to need you to make sure we’re able to fight properly in a few days. I cannot understate how important this is, get your shit in, get it fitted and get it ready to undock at a moment’s notice.
  2. Regarding standing fleet format, for now we will implement the old-school way of running a standing defense fleet out of one main system: GE-8JV of course. We will likely look to introduce the Armada, or something similar, within the next couple weeks, but first we want to get folks settled.
  3. Our staging will be in GE- station for now.
  4. A Fortizar will be dropped in GE- at a yet-to-be-determined date in the near future. We saw how the last one went when we weren’t fully prepared to defend, so we want to have everything buttoned up before we drop the next one. These things ain’t cheap. Once the Fort anchors, it will be our staging.
  5. There’s a number of gross structures and citadels from various non-aligned groups in our space, a product of us living right next to Stain. We’re going to want to clear ALL of it out. That means a healthy amount of bashing, it should be no surprise that this is on the docket after a big move. The first major Catch stratops will start this weekend to begin reinforcing these thingies – again, get your stratop ships ready.
  6. If you can fly caps, but have not joined our cap group, there’s never been a better time to get involved. Sign up by visiting the forums
  7. In two weeks, we are going to start wanting to fielding fleets to fight over and capture Stain moons. These will require large form ups. By then, we will expect everyone to have a stocked hangar list, and everyone to be properly moved into Catch, so consider this your official notice.


Here is a list of alliances that we are currently blue with. This coalition of alliances collectively calls themselves “Legacy”.

      TEST Alliance Please Ignore – [TEST]
      Circle-Of-Two – [CO2]
      Dangerous Voltage – [DV]
      Tactical Supremacy – [TIKLE]
      Requiem Eternal – [REQ]
      Who Dares Wins – [-SAS-]
      Band of Backstabbers – [BoB] (Renter alliance)

Don’t shoot any blue structures or ships. Don’t rat in blue space outside our constellation. If you are killed or otherwise being harassed by a blue, DO NOT RETALIATE – it has never made any diplo situation better. Instead, talk to a diplo or alliance director and let them sort it out.

Do not entosis anything right now by yourself either. FCs will handle coordinating all entosis ops in the immediate future.

There are some NIPS and NAPS and NOPS and at least a few pre-NUPS floating around, but per our usual, if it’s not blue, shoot it. The FCs will tell you if we are not to shoot neutral groups while on field doing something.

We’ll do a more comprehensive political update soon, but for now this should be fine.

Let’s get ourselves ready for some good times in Catch baby


Notes in Blue Are Our Own.