Skirmish vs Darkness 10-3-2016 (EVE Date)


Song: Matrix and Futurebound – American Beauty VIP

This skirmish was the result of a Darkness fleet of mixed T1 cruisers that came down to our side of Querious for a fight. Kinera was the lead FC for this 2nd round of fighting (I lead an unsuccessful attack in the first). I was so busy trying to get good footage that I wasn’t prepared to take on the FC role. We end up wining the engagement, but are overall ISK negative for the fight due to the loss of the Heavy Interdiction Cruiser. My shotcalling here is bad, but that’s what I get for trying to capture the pretty pew-pew for you guys. xD You can see that logi nearly holds me, and it is only after the 2nd volley of Carcal fire that I finally lose the Maller. Shootouts to Kinera for taking the fight and Zinox for taking the lead after I went down. 7o