State of the HERO Coalition by June Ting


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My fellow heroes,

  • The past several weeks have been difficult for us. The coalition is not at the full strength that we had six months ago. Why?
  • Burnout from feeling obligated to fight PL to save our stuff/space
  • Drama and vultures/shitposters capitalizing on it to siphon members for their own agendas
  • Poorly executed, chaotic Catch evac
  • Communication issues, ultimately leading to coup – people felt they couldn’t deliver feedback in a way that it would be heard.
  • Coalition departures – RH- has left and been reset, AGONY is in process of leaving, to be reset next week. We wish both well, but we will miss them.
  • I’d like to recognize groups that did an exceptional job with keeping us fighting despite the issues we’ve been facing.
  • Nancy + entire BLT team for HED/GE-8 evac
  • NORCAT for keeping as much sov/assets safe as possible in Catch as they did
  • The marketeers that got Def* promptly stocked
  • Why we need to act now
  • Staying in a holding pattern in lowsec/remnants of Catch indefinitely was not working
  • Decline in activity due to not having a clear direction; people splitting off and doing their own thing or just not logging on
  • Being set up in advance for fozziesov has significant advantages (e.g. working jumpbridges)
  • Our future plans for Fountain
  • HQ/staging/markets will be in YZ-LQL VII – Moon 1 – Guardian Angels Assembly Plant in the Liberty Island of NPC space in Fountain (yes, even after we take sov)
  • Sov beginning June 3 will be a lot more dynamic, with systems being lost and captured much more quickly, so we are best prepared by keeping assets we care about in NPC only. We will use sov space when it’s available but not keep everything where it’s vulnerable.
  • Do not put expensive/bulky assets outside of NPC space; ratting and light local defense ships only to sov pockets so that losing them and retaking them isn’t a big hit.
  • HERO will never again be held hostage by our space. I would rather let it all burn in the face of an overwhelming enemy and retreat to Liberty Island than form up to die pointlessly again and again to pad someone else’s killboard.
  • We are taking only a small number of constellations initially because Fozziesov favors condensing into tight density rather than sprawling out. If we are able to grow and protect more space, we will. If someone sets up in the half of Fountain we’re not taking, great, that’s more fights to be had, and we welcome fights.
  • Transparency about R64 distribution: 10%-10%-10%-10% to sound/naga/xplct/figl, 40% to brave, 20% held by BRAVE in trust for future coalition members. Distribution of R32s and lower are at alliance discretion but are not factored into alliance budgets.
  • When do we move? What should we watch out for?
  • Take your time moving, move when directed by your corp/alliance leadership; safety in numbers.
  • J3B will be leading the early vanguard, and other corps from HERO are welcome to join them. Marketeers should start stocking ASAP.
  • SB00N is staying in Def* for a few weeks until Lychton orders a move. It’s lowsec, so your assets are safe there and can be moved at any time. We want to give you a break from moving so goddamn much, and let you move into a fully stocked market.
  • Watch out for Fountain Core, who also live out of NPC Fountain and will be very hostile to us. Just like lowsec, they can also dock in stations, play station games, and use that base to bubblecamp, kite off station, etc. However, we’re used to dealing with station games from Rahadalon, Barleguet, Sendaya, and recently Def*, and bubblecamps/kitey stuff from our entire history. We outnumber them by a lot, and there is strength in numbers.
  • What about Catch?
  • NORCAT/SOUND, follow alliance directives as to evac timing.
  • NORCAT is moving this weekend, but sov will take 1+ week to fall even if immediately reinforced.
  • SOUND expects to hold the line in southwest Catch for about two more weeks for people to finish evac.
  • Following HERO’s evac, we will sell any sov infrastructure remaining to interested bidders, and distribute proceeds between HERO entities (or set the timers to random times and walk away if there is no interest). This is going to be an orderly teardown, but don’t dawdle about getting your stuff clear.
  • What about relations with other entities in the future?
  • Imperium forces are +1.1 only for the duration of this sov handover, which should take approximately two weeks. We will reset immediately afterwards.
  • Many other entities are unhappy about this set of events going down, making claims about blue donuts, meatshields, pets. Blah blah blah, boo hoo hoo. Ignore them – we are doing this for us.
  • At the end of the day, we undock and blow up ships just for our enjoyment. There is no NIP of any kind with the Imperium, no demands made of us, and no secret agreements. There is nothing for us to buffer or meatshield – anyone going after the Imperium would go after Cloud Ring or just attack directly from Lonetrek or Forge, rather than starting with Fountain.
  • Let’s be thankful, but not naive. Why, then, are Sion and The Mittani transferring the space?
  • They’re committed to giving it up no matter what, so this doesn’t cost them anything (and lets them sell us their towers so they have less to pack – win/win).
  • Ex-LAWN/ex-FA corps that refuse to move won’t pick up the space, and former N3 entities will have to fight us if they want Fountain.
  • Fountain keeps HERO busy (and let me be clear, Fountain isn’t going to be a cakewalk) and too occupied to take potshots at their space in Vale, which was among our other possible Fozziesov options.
  • In the end, I care that what we do is for us. If it happens to benefit someone else too, so be it. But we won’t dance to someone else’s tune, or bow to demands at gunpoint.
  • Sov transfers start immediately, and will require fleets to guard them.
  • We will be busy doing this all of this weekend and into next week.
  • Kelnon will be coordinating these fleets.
  • If you have more than one copy fit of your stratop ships, park in NPC Fountain at end of stratop and suicide home. If not, at end of op, come back to Def*

We will be reunited soon in Fountain after a few weeks being separated in Aridia and opposite ends of Catch. This is the start of a new era for HERO.

Let’s get to work, folks. Always be heroic, always have fun.