Brave Newbies and Legacy Coalition vs CVA in F9E-KX – A Feature Presentation


Brave Newbies responded as support to a blue carrier tackled by The Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA). When we arrived we found EOS Canon in a Moros. Circle of Two (CO2) were a considerable amount of jumps out, however we quickly tackled and dropped on Eos Canon, thinking it was going to be an easy victory. Things however, were just beginning to unfold… Fleet was under the direction of Macko13

Brave Exploration Overview – Brave Dojo


Thanks to Olda Kreshh for putting together this overview of exploration. Find out more about exploration on the Brave Wiki by clicking…

Roartak Steps Down; Kinera Promoted to New Military Director

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Brave Battle Ship Small Gang Roam to New Home


Brave Newbies Small Gang Battle Ship Roam from our hold home DOG to 9-4 (AKA Slime Floor! Or Cloud 9). Staring Brave Collective CEO Cagali Cagali, Jim Rheic, Zinox Yadekfic, and Richard Wick.
This was an impromptu stream. I haven’t done one since the launcher updated and couldn’t get OBS to capture the game. So, I had to capture window as opposed to game. But it’s all fixed now.

HOMEFRONT: Brave Vs PL – Saving our Fortizar


PL Successfully managed to reinforce BRAVE’s Main Staging Fortizar.
The next day the armour timer was due to come out, and we formed up to defend our home station.

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