Brave Newbies and Legacy Coalition vs CVA in F9E-KX – A Feature Presentation


Brave Newbies responded as support to a blue carrier tackled by The Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA). When we arrived we found EOS Canon in a Moros. Circle of Two (CO2) were a considerable amount of jumps out, however we quickly tackled and dropped on Eos Canon, thinking it was going to be an easy victory. Things however, were just beginning to unfold… Fleet was under the direction of Macko13

Split Cannon Fire


We’ve been trying to blow up a goon astrahus in our staging for a week now, but grr goons aren’t letting it go easy.
Another fine video by Kurai Kiba

Roartak’s Military Update

7o This is a quick military update about all things Catch. We are back in GE- now, and nostalgia levels are at an all-time high. Great work to capture the Continue Reading →

Coalition Progress Report 2015-04-24 by June Ting | Acting HERO exec


  • 50% of moon transfers are completed, with the remaining moon transfers primarily destined to BRAVE.
  • 7 sov systems have been transferred so far (with BL ninjaing one) but we are primarily blocking on moon transfers finishing before we do the rest of the sov transfers.
  • All FA, LAWN, and BLAST stations are now dockable.
  • We hear your feedback clearly that people would like to get SB00N in Fountain sooner rather than later. We will have an announcement on that shortly.
  • All coalition alliances are now represented diplomatically and militarily on SOUND IRC, trimming the diplo skype channel from ~40 to ~18 in the new secured IRC channel and introducing a new single military coordination channel where there was none before. Callout to Nancy Crow and Aaeriele for stepping up seriously to coordinate.
  • We are in process of selling Catch systems and expect to have 10+ systems sold and transferred by next week. We seriously meant it when we said ‘get out of Catch’.
  • I expect to publish a map by the end of this weekend detailing where you can expect to see people living, where to (not) stash all your stuff, and more.

Get ready for a fun and exciting weekend! The song above is added by and if you want theme music to the announcement we think it is an excellent fit. It was not part of June Ting’s original message.

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