Split Cannon Fire


We’ve been trying to blow up a goon astrahus in our staging for a week now, but grr goons aren’t letting it go easy.
Another fine video by Kurai Kiba

Never Decloak First


Goons poke our sov so we flash formed and jumped into them after they fled. Despite the advantages of range and tank the Feroxes took early losses and fled the field.

by Le Petite More

Brave Newbies Nagalfar Roam vs. The Imperium Titans


Octavian Madullier heard The Imperium had moved in next door to us, so he thought the neighborly thing to do was a Naglfar roam.

SOTA 2 – The Mini SOTA


Can’t-think-of-a-good-Title Announcement, AKA Drama Post #73289746123784612938746

Notes in blue are our own. Picture above is a nurse. Get it!? Because nurse, because pandemic horde, because virus, because Hospital, hence nurse! No!? Well neither do we, but Continue Reading →