Military Update – April 2017

Kinera, makes his first Military Update as Brave Military Director. We imagine he did this laying naked on a bear skin rug, next to a roaring fire, lap top on Continue Reading →

Roartak’s Military Update

7o This is a quick military update about all things Catch. We are back in GE- now, and nostalgia levels are at an all-time high. Great work to capture the Continue Reading →

Military Update 9/1/16 – Welcome to Fade – Staging Info – Doctrine Update

Welcome to Fade, Brave. This is a new, exciting region for us. As you’ve seen, we already been taking advantage of the numerous opportunities for easy fun fights and explosions. Continue Reading →

Military Update 6/1/16 – Skill Plans, Spring Cleaning, and Fun

7o Bravelings May was an exciting and action-packed month for us. We’ve been welcoming a boatload of new players, flying battleships in real engagements (and actually doing pretty damn well), Continue Reading →