Brave Newbies and Legacy Coalition vs CVA in F9E-KX – A Feature Presentation


Brave Newbies responded as support to a blue carrier tackled by The Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA). When we arrived we found EOS Canon in a Moros. Circle of Two (CO2) were a considerable amount of jumps out, however we quickly tackled and dropped on Eos Canon, thinking it was going to be an easy victory. Things however, were just beginning to unfold… Fleet was under the direction of Macko13

AAR: A Tale of Two Braves


BE-FR and Brave Alliance FC Ryanis formed up to give Pandemic Horde a GF with an impressive Comp. We also stumbled upon a Moros MOA had tackled apparently going gate to gate. It was a fun time, GFs all around, and it’s amazing how newbie organizations like Horde don’t even get salty losing a dread.

12 hours later Brave Newbies and Brave Alliance FC Le Petite More took us on a hell of a Roam as well.

It certainly is nice to have so many active FCs across the time zones.

A Newbie’s First Holy Shit Moment – 1st Place

1st Place A Newbie’s First Holy Shit Moment Prize: One PLEX Author: Kurt Gambit What a ride! A great example of day one content that can be found in Continue Reading →