The AMAZING RACE =D 28 March @ 22:00 Eve time!


Brave & HERO!

Okay~ so… some tough times aye? Well, how about a fun, crazy event for us to remember what it means to fly with Brave! The TiDi Division is committed as EVER to bring you the BEST fun each month! =D

BTW, so February 2015, were you there when Brave Newbros took on Eve University? We might have absolutely ruled the battlefield there~ BUT STILL! The event was talked about on the live Twitch Stream during Fanfest and we received some AMAZING feedback! Thank you for all of the lovely emails! You guys make the events amazing each and every time!

So! The Incredible Dojo Ivents is continuing to run our events! The “Amazing/Brave” Race will begin on 28 march 2015 @ 22:00!

The rules are as follows:


  • You MUST be flying Condors – There are no certain fits required. Just a Condor of some description. And no. I know Crows and Raptors look the condors but they are NOT condors. So ONLY Condors!


  • At the beginning of the event you will receive a hint from the staff members. The hint is going to let you find out where the next system is. And… rinse repeat!


  • You will be going to a number of systems and with each hint, get closer to the destination. You will also be collecting Passwords that will be required to prove that went to each system.


  • The Staff Members WILL be watching the station. If you are NOT* in a Condor, you WILL NOT get the password or get an incorrect password.


  • There WILL be DANK prizes up for grabs. You will get lovely Faction Frigates as well as other AMAZING stuff!!!! Billions of Isk worth of prizes up for grabs!


Your abilities to survive gate camps, and FLY through null sec would be amazing =D

Also as a quiet hint… from your friendly TiDi team… TRAIN MIM CRUISER FOR APRIL! =D

Look forward to seeing y’all at the event! <3 TiDi Team!