The Apoc vs. The Eagle and Logi

The allure of EVE is ultimately your downfall. Fist, never chase doctrines. Ever! As Uncle Dunk Dinkle puts it.

First: Continue to train toward Scimitars with Logistics V

  • Eagle/Scimitar fleets continue to be our mainline fleet doctrine. If you are on the path to Scimitars w/ Logi V, stay on it.
  • Newbros: Train into Scythes and skills upwards if you enjoy the logi lifestyle. Scythes are in demand every day. Almost all the skills you train for Scythes are useful for armor logi as well.

Second: If you can fly the Scimitar well, train toward T2 armor logi, the Oneiros and Guardian

  • Oneiros are good, because they are simpler to fly and easier to get rolling with a ragefleet.
  • Guardians have many advantages and will be used as well, but require more practice by pilots to avoid trouble during form up and combat. We will learn to address these better over time.
  • Newbros: Once you can fly Scythes well, you can consider a short cross train for Remote Armor Reps and into Cruiser 4 to let you fly an Exequror or Augorrorooror. Again, Exequrors are easier at first to get rolling with at first since there is no cap chaining. TEST already flies armor fleets, so you can help out even before a formal armor battleship fleet rolls out.

Third: Tankiness matters. Make sure you can fly a T2 tank on any logi ship you use. It will make a difference and will help with every other ship you fly.

Fourth: If you can fly carriers, consider skilling up for Triage. It’s a big commitment of time and of your carrier itself, but the time approaches where we can support battleship roams and bring triage carriers along for the fun. You want to have fun don’t you?

Fits will come later, so don’t start freaking out about that just yet. There will be plenty of time to freak out and complain later.

EVE is about temptation, hubris, humiliation, and humility in that order.  Organizations are no different than the pilots that comprise them. They all want fly the pretty ships (regardless of skills). With the Phoebe front fast approaching, speculation is wild as to what BRAVE‘s next step in doctrine ships are.

There is a mad rush to spec into ships, which pilots will be poorly trained for, and die gloriously in. This cannot be avoided. And if you wish to partake in the festivities, by all means do so. However, do not fly what you can afford to lose. It is our advice that a ship is only as fun to fly as your skill level. Our advice is don’t skip that lvl 4 train, get your core skills, and have fun finding your own way. You are always welcome on fleets. Even if you cannot fly doctrines.