The Deployment is Over

Brave Collective,

Overnight the Imperium announced that while certain SIGs will stay active in Providence, the Imperium en masse is moving out. Therefore, the Providence deployment has been concluded, and we are rebasing assets back to our main staging system in Aunsou.

Travel Advisory: There will be War Targets trying to gank you as you leave Mista and make your way back to Amarr. Please use a travel interceptor to move yourself back to Aunsou and a highsec alt or red frog contract to move things from Mista -> Amarr. Due to the nature of our deployment, assets should be rather small and easy to move back to major trade hubs on highsec alts.

The Providence Conflict revealed several strengths and weaknesses that will be addressed on our return to Aunsou. As for our goals to have fun and kills on the deployment, we can definitely say that we have succeeded. As a first offensive deployment in a while, I can assure you that for those that were active we had a ton of fun and kills down here over the last few days.

Attached Battle Reports: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=642

Never stop being brave,
Extrems Tivianne
USTZ Mildir


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