The End of CNM – Brave SOTA June 26, 2015


This update will be relatively short and to the point. I want to respond to the various feedback and drama that has been revealed over the week. We understand that there is a lot of frustration out there, because our pilots see platitudes and no action. Or that we make decisions that seem to make no sense, and in some cases, actually don’t make sense.

Let’s Break This Down


DUALITY IS DEAD – The concept of duality seemed decent enough for us. There’s a friendly competition among our players, we get to train new FCs and test doctrines, and at the end of the day, we could potentially be named in one of the link modules. There are two fundamental problems with that. We did not provide the correct balance between the two platforms resulting in instances where TQ stuff was ignored. Secondly, the cutoff list of May 1st for the entry date further split our members. After discussion last night, I feel like trying to maintain any part of duality is just holding out for some ephemeral goal that doesn’t make sense.


With all of our efforts saying “what do we do now?” Now that we are 100% back in TQ again? We are going to be taking an inventory of what is defensible, what is not, and begin to advance indices in the area that we anticipate to stay in. We have always been scrappy in nature, and need to take the extra effort to give ourselves a more defensible position for the new changes. As of last night, we sat with military to discuss possible scenarios for the mid-term future. We are planning as a state of precaution, but have not changed our current concept of identity:


We have to face the facts. BRAVE is 2 years old. BRAVE is in the Alliance Tournament. BRAVE likes to fight. The tools we used to help BRAVE grow is now hurting us due to too much bureaucracy. Let’s talk about those things that can be improved.

FORUMS – Rolling out within the next week

SUBREDDIT – IN order to prevent Flairgate from happening again, we are looking at tying forums to either EVE Single Sign-on, or to BRAVE Core Auth.

CNM – Immediately dissolved. New communication plan is to push for constant comms. Division heads report rolling statuses via forum thread, CEOs can create content, development tasks, feedback. Division heads responsible overall. Lychton/Nancy to do a cliff’s notes style update to ensure the whole population is abreast of our weekly efforts. Floaters will change into a program to get people working for different parts of the alliance. No more Voting; we want volunteers.

MILITARY – Blue Ice is THE Military Director for our alliance. Period. However, the FC system, while well intentioned needs a revamp. FC’s are core content creators and we should encourage their development and training, not apply labels and stopgaps. I’ve relayed this to Blue and he agrees to address the program and make it leaner. He will issue a statement/Evemail within seven (7) days about how the directorate is structured and will operate in order to empower our fleet commanders.


Every journey starts with taking the first step. We got out of the gate late, and I will accept responsibility for that. But what I will never do is give up on BRAVE, our newbies, or you. When I say that I expect us to undock and die, it’s because I don’t want our newest pilots to feel pressured. There’s an adage about eve that you lose your spaceship each time you undock, unless you bring it home. I’m not saying to just lose the ship you made for no reason; I want you to embrace being BRAVE and more importantly, have fun.

With that said, we have two pretty awesome fights today. They are pretty great opportunities for us to excel. The first has been decided, but the next one occurs in a few hours. A lot of people are ready to 3rd party it. Should be a blast. I will see you in fleet.

Let’s fucking fly.


Lychton Kondur