Top level leadership update

Nancy Crow hands off, temporarily, control of BNI to Cagali Cagali. Comes as a surprise, but understandably the right thing. We at could not be more thrilled at his choice. Cagali Cagali is a great guy and we wish him much luck. The notes in blue as our own.

HALONANCYCROWRead in Nancy’s Voice:

Howdy guys! I made this announcement last night to most of the ustz command guys that were around, and wanted to make sure everyone is aware what’s going on.

As you know, I’ve been a little preoccupied for the last couple months. A new job, in a new city, with a 2.5 hour daily commute, and continued apartment hunting is not an ideal place to be leading an alliance from. Initially things ran fairly smoothly, a testament to the work and self sufficiency of our directors and their departments. However, conflicts developed that I was not adequately dealing with, action items weren’t always being followed up on, and crucial decisions were delayed due to my lack of communication and leadership. I was hoping to coast through and be back up and running by now, but it hasn’t worked out that way.

To help resolve these issues, I am officially naming Cagali Cagali as my 2IC, and acting CEO for the time being. This means he will be taking over day to day decisions, working with our neighbors, and setting goals and following up on them with departments. I plan to stay involved and help when I can, but am giving cagali the authority, trust and backing to get whatever he needs done.

Cagali has been a constant presence in BNI and brave leadership since the first week we existed. His early efforts helped found and run the dojo program through the early days, and running the recruitment of bni and alliance hr efforts. While he has taken a step back over the last year to focus on representing the whole gaming community as an ellected CSM rep, his term is ending soon and he has made it clear he intends to turn all that effort right back into this alliance.

His roles should already be set in the holding corps, though I am retaining CEO in holdings, tlogi, and bni for now. Wallets are looking good, bills are paid, and I know cagali can keep brave running well, and likely better than myself in many ways :D. I believe Warren Buffet said he would only work with someone that you like, trust, and admire. I can undeniably confirm that I like, trust, and admire cagali, and he has my full support in getting set up and carrying the torch. I hope you guys can recognize the effort cagali has given to this corp, alliance, and game, and give him the respect and trust he deserves as he takes over a difficult position and an inconvenient time.

Nancy Crow
Brave (sorta) CEO


Read in Cagali’s Voice:

Thank you, Nancy for your extremely hard work over the last three years. Hopefully you can get your life sorted out quickly and get back to pick up the reins, or at least get back in harness like the rest of us.

Business as Usual, gang. keep having fun, fleeting up, and being classy. There are some exciting times ahead – with some new neighbours on the way, some new frenemies to shoot, and some new initiatives either just starting, or about to commence. We also have some truly revolutionary Releases on the way from CCP, so we’re (as usual) in an Exciting place in the game.

Remember, Eve is dangerous, divided we fall, and we’re the best Alliance in the game because we look after each other, and take care of our mates. Our divisions are doing some extremely good work, and I encourage you to step up and join them if leadership is a goal for you. You’re never too young to be breaking your back in a salt mine.

I particularly encourage you to start leading fleets, gangs, duos and other friend-based activities. Some of our greatest members started by having a bash at leading a fleet, and it’s as easy as hell. Log in, fleet up, explode!

Thanks for your dedication and hard work.

Let the Shenanigans Commence!


This would not be a Cagali Post without an horrific threat to finish it off, so Please do not reply all, or I’ll shove clingfilm down your throat so you shit in neat little packages, and since you’re all environmentally conscious, you’ll have to open them up to flush them down the toilet.