Update to the Update!

So, here I was, feeling all sad and sorry for myself, wondering what the hell we were going to do now that we were on the ropes. I was worried that I’ve led us into a death trap, where we were cornered and alone, with the mighty might of the dastardly forces of PL approaching to murder us all in our beds.

And then I decided that This is fucking shit, and that I am through running without a fight. I came to this realisation watching a video made by our good friend and corpmate, Dunk Dinkle. In it, he talks about warping into a fight in a ship with no guns, and the bravery that that takes. I realised that we are the Brave Collective, and I don’t want to see us slink away into the darkness, or try to buy our enemies off. I don’t want to consider running for the other side of the map, or joining some giant corp that will pick us clean and own our souls. I want to warp into that fight, and I want to be Brave while I do it.

PL understand one thing: The fight. Yes, they’re a bloody difficult enemy to fight, a dangerous foe with near overwhelming power. Sure, they rarely make mistakes. But you know what? That’s a great enemy to have. One that forces you to grow and adapt, push forward and evolve.

We saw it in catch, with our FCs growing so exponentially in their talents and their skill that that we held off their full power with nothing more than a handful of griffins and mauluses. ( I have bloody big hands, we had a shit ton of them.) We saw it in Do6 – both defending our Fort and in attacking their Astrahauses.

I came to the realisation that We ARE going to fight them. I know that our Culture and our community can handle another welp, but I don’t think our morale could handle walking away from the battle just because we might lose, and lose big.

Sun Tzu said it: “In death ground, FIGHT”. Julius Caesar said it: “When your back is at the river… something something… punch that cunt in the nuts” (that’s translated from the latin, so it’s a bit rough. Sorry about that.)

Should things go absolutely tits up, I will ask MOA to crash on their couch. They can teach us how to be guerrillas, and we can work on our plans for the Brave Angels Of Mordus coalition, and we can see if together we can survive the nasty outbreak of the Pandemic Virus that we’ve caught.

If PL chase us in there, then we shall regroup in NPC null, swallow the come, take the hit in membership that will follow, pick ourselves up out of the dirt, and begin again.

I know we can do it – Our culture is one of relentless enthusiasm and a willingness to try again, to stand up against the tyranny of the bully, and to show the world that new players and New Again players can be a force to be reckoned with. Our enthusiasm and positivity are the reason we’re despised by a small core of the eve Community – and I know that’s not going to change. They hate us for saying thanks to PL for the Good Fight, even if it’s not a good fight at all, even if we die helplessly under the onslaught.

I hope you guys have the stomach for the fight, and to stay the course. We have the best leadership team Brave has ever had, bar none, and they have worked tirelessly to get us here. Let’s not piss it all away.

I want you to fight for this station. I want you to feel the adrenaline in your veins, feel the sour taste of fear in your throat, and to push through it.

I want you to walk away from the fight, win lose or draw, proud that you went down swinging. THAT, my friends, is the power of this alliance and the power that you have: to say, yeah, I tried it, and I lost.

If you don’t feel like sticking around, I respect the decision, and will assist you in getting out if I can.

I only ask that you try to do it quietly and without setting off a panic.

Should you choose to stay and help, I will praise your courage and your fortitude, and I will pay you a scandalously inadequate level of SRP from the ever dwindling coffers of the alliance, and I will hold the memory of the fight, win lose or draw as a shining moment in our history.

There’s no shame in losing to the best in the business: but there’s dishonour in slinking away because you’re scared you might not win.

I should end this by saying thank you to the various friends, enemies, frienemies and interested parties who’ve offered us couches to crash on, it has been much appreciated, and one day – maybe in the very near future I’ll beg for the offer to be made again.

Until then, I’ll be waking up at 5oclock on wednesday morning, and I’ll be undocking my Doctrine ship (from my hangar list – it’s on the wiki, look it up there’s still time), looking to one of our excellent FCs for direction, and looking to get myself blown up in the actinic glare of my ship’s fusion explosion. (sorry lore heads, not sure if it’s fusion or what…..)

Remember, friends. Brave Is Eve on Hard Mode. There’s no two ways about it – If you stick around, you’re going to be punished.

I hope to see you on grid.