Everything. From canned food, to antibiotics, to lasers, to condoms, to fucking FIRE, War is pretty well good for everything.

It’s unfortunate that the Human race learns the most through war, and so we find ourselves yet again in that most useful of teaching Positions, AT WAR.

Infamous have decided that we’re having too much fun down here, and that our Fun per hour is TOO DAMN HIGH.

So they’ve come to…well actually to provide us more content, which as you know, is VERY BORING.

NOBODY in a Serious Sov Holding Corp wants Pew Pew, we just want to mine our little red crosses and touch ourselves inappropriately when Henry Cavill Pops out of the water shirtless in that superman movie, or when Lea Seydoux slinks down the Train in that Bond Movie…


We’re Brave, we’ll take that fight, we’re ready to get punched in the face and get up swinging. We’ll have Sex with the Ex, even if we think they’re tainted goods now, even if they’re hanging out with the tough kids who smoke cigarettes beind the shelter shed at recess.

We’ll take that fight, that brawl, that riot. Bring it on, Brave Collective. Show me your war face. Lets show our exes the best time of their lives and send them home to wallow in their dirty amniotic fluid.

Oh, and we’re at war. With Infamous. They’re trying to break our toys. Log in, Fleet up, Explode, take one of them with you.

-Cagali Cagali