Watch Yoself – Brave’s Premiere Tackle

Few cats out there become so preoccupied with tackle they redefine the phrase “Hero tackle.” It’s fitting that the best tackle in Brave Newbies also happens to be in the HERO coalition.

Tackle is something poorly done by 90% of EVE, hence it shares a rather interesting juxtaposition: It is simultaneously a disposable position—usually reserved for a new player, and an invaluable position that requires great skill. In fact, it is probably as close as one can get to solo PVP on a regular basis in EVE.

Under the best possible circumstances tackle is performed poorly, it lands but the pilot either dies, or never lasts long enough for the reinforcements to arrive. Under the worst, tackle can never get close enough to die, let alone land a long point.


Watch Yoself – Brave Newbies Tackle

That is, unless you are going up against Watch Yoself, who manages to consistently fly in the face (no pun intended) of the popular notions of tackle; often landing outrageous points, and out DPS’ing the target. There is no ship too far off on grid that has not placed itself withing imminent danger when Watch Yoself is on field.

In fact, Brave Newbies have the unique problem when Watch Yoself lands tackle of not arriving on time. However, unlike most tackle—where the ship would have killed the tackle—it is completely the other way around.


Watch Yoself‘s flying style goes to show you how truly meaningless killboard stats are. At the time of this writing his kill average is a mere 63.2% . Now, given exactly what he does, how he does it, and what he flies (atrons usually) it may well be over 99%. The man is a literal juggernaut in an atron – he will tackle anything!

Watch Yoself is a credit to the BRAVE team, the embodiment of Brave Newbies, and we are lucky to have him.