We’re Moving Back To The Circle of Life

Well, what a rollercoaster we’re living on.

The ups and downs of having a lightning success story in cloud ring, followed by a good deal of heartbreak and uncertainty has meant that we’re living in interesting times indeed.

I commend you on your enthusiasm and fortitude in persevering through these fights, and through the nasty PL infection that won’t clear up, no matter the antibiotics we try.

I know a lot of you have been unhappy with the current situation, and that our activity has suffered a lot in the last weeks. I appreciate your patience and understanding while we’ve tried to work out the best possible solution.

Well, I’m here to say that we’ve decided that living in Cloud Ring under the current circumstances is untenable, and the sad reality is that fighting pyrrhic victories, last ditch defences and otherwise losing actions is no fun at all.

Over the last week I’ve been discussing some alternatives with a number of parties, and have arrived at the decision that I hope will give us a little bit more stability, and a little bit more fun that we’ve had over the last little while.

To that end, I am hereby announcing a move op.


I hear you cry.

I understand, and I apologise for the millions in market fees that you’ve spent stocking our exceptionally well supplied market. I also deplore the rigs that I must now ask you to remove, and the multiple ship names that you’ll have to remember and replace.

Believe me, this is not what I wanted when I moved us to Cloud Ring, and I’m deeply sorry at the interruption to your fun per hour that this causes.

Now, where was I…oh yes, Moving.

Now, Very shortly there will be a change to the BLT calculator to show our highsec staging point, and our eventual destination. I advise you to make sure that your ships are ready to go. We’ll be moving to highsec for public haulers to move to our lowsec jumping-in point, and from there it’s back to BLT for the final leg home.

I realise I’ve not yet announced a destination, and believe me when I assure you. I’m not being deliberately obtuse, nor am I trying to prolong the agony. So, without further ado, I will announce our new target system.

It’s a long way away, so I appreciate your agony. It’s not a simple short hop as was our previous move. This is honestly part of the charm. This will also involve a new set of Blues, a new set of neuts and reds for most of you, and an array of new opportunities.

It’s going to be a bit different in playstyle for many of us, in that it is in no way a pvp superhighway. It’s more of a cul-de-sac where roving gangs of bikies congregate to beat each other to death with spiked clubs and stiletto shoes.

We will have to….

Sorry, that time I WAS being deliberately obtuse.

Now, when I tell you this, some of you will have a violent and convulsive scream of agony, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. There will be tears. Some of you will be happy as a clam, and others will wonder what the fuss is all about.

I will only say that I have misgivings based on prior dealings with some of our new (or Old) allies, and that If I can be prepared to make a new start and move forward, so can you.

We will be, for the immediate future, moving to Catch and moving in with the Coalition known as Testco, or CoT, or Circle of Test. We will be moving back into our old stomping grounds of Ge-8 and the surrounding systems. As I write this forces are preparing to begin the entosis of those stations, we will be blue-ing up, and we will be moving in as soon as we can possibly manage.

As an added bonus, I’ve decided that the Alliance will foot the bill for people moving in, as the freight from Mendori to ge-8 is a considerable expense, particularly given that we’ve all shelled out so recently.

I look forward to setting old demons to rest, to collaborations with old friends and new, and to a whole new set of fun and games.

I look forward to old stomping grounds, and revival of old tac pacs. I look forward to the rescue of billions of our personal assets trapped in those stations, and the revival of old PI colonies. I look forward to new challenges.

I hope to see you all down there, and I hope that you can forgive me the uncertainty of the past few weeks.

7o everyone.

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