Why We Fight – 4th Place (2)


4th Place (2)
Why We Fight

Prize: 350m ISK
Author: Coyotl Tlaloc

No pew pew, no drama, no excitement and yet this post alone perhaps sums up what Brave is (although in your thanks you forgot to thank the person who organised this competition, just saying!). Too often we all forget that the pilot who just wiped us out and is now bubbling our pod is just another human being. Everyone has their own demons, their own fears and troubles. Don’t stop fighting, don’t stop the shit talking in local but keep it classy. I am glad that Brave has met your expectations and exceeded them and we’re glad to have you as one of our own! Notes in blue are our own.

They say “Eve is real”. I have only been here for two months but I think this is what they mean: You make decisions, there are consequences. And this is why we are in BRAVE. Because EVE in an open ended MMORPG where the players create the content anything goes. Lies. Deceit. Betrayal. Cruelty. Viciousness. Worse. In real life, face-to-face life, most humans don’t behave so wickedly. Most of us behave kindly to others, even strangers, all the time. We are honest and forthright and have that returned to us. But we have created situations and places where the usual social mores don’t apply. Online gaming, sadly, is one of those. Think of the racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-disability viciousness you have seen playing online. Perhaps you have been the target of some of this.

But in this free for all that is EVE something happened. A space was created which experimented with the idea that people are inherently good. One of the core rules of BRAVE is ‘Stay Classy’. People flocked to this banner. Not just newbies but all sorts of people who wanted a place to be kind. Helpful. Good. And have fun blowing things up. I can’t speak for your experiences but I can tell you mine. Days after I started my character in EVE I joined BRAVE. I did research and decided BRAVE had values that aligned with mine. From the moment I joined my experience has been amazing. People are thoughtful and work hard to create an inclusive and respectful space for everyone to have fun. We strive to treat everyone with respect and dignity – even our opponents.

I have learned so much in the last two months. I want to thank all the Fleet Commanders for taking risks and leading us into interesting situations. I want to thank all the directors – Cagali, Roartak, and all the rest, for being BRAVE and holding us together. I wanted to thank all the rank and file BRAVE members for not taking things too seriously and being patient with all the newbies like me. Some people don’t fit in BRAVE. We’re not here to build our own egos by screeching obscenities in comms to berate or humiliate others. People like this don’t join BRAVE and if they do they are kicked or leave. Instead I have observed people building their egos by helping people become better at the game and to have more fun playing it. And this is why we are in BRAVE. We believe in inherent human decency and dignity and fun per hour. We believe that Good does triumph over Evil. Our way of thinking has spread throughout EVE. Think of all the Newbie friendly corps out there now. We carry the banner but we are not alone. And we must not give up.

So let us keep taking care of each other. A shadow has fallen across Querious. People gave their time and effort and passion to build this excellent home for BRAVE. We don’t know what is coming but we can feel the chill. Some are afraid of losing all they have worked on. It may happen. We may have to move. As wrenching as that is, we can handle that. But let’s not give up. Let’s stay strong. Work together. Fight together. Support each other. Help each other learn from our mistakes. We are outnumbered, outskilled, and out-isked. But we have each other. With that we can create amazing stories that we will remember forever.

Coyotl Tlaloc

“If you find yourself alone, riding in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you are in Elysium and you’re already dead!” –General Maximus