Writing Competition – My Condor Lived- 6th Place

We had some damn good entries in this competition that really showed what Brave has to offer. Hopefully your stories will inspire even more EVE newbros to join our ranks. I will make some reddit posts with them and what not on the EVE and BNI subreddits, if any of the writers object just let me know.

With that out of the way lets get down to dank prizes.

6th Place (2)
My Condor Lived

Prize: 350m ISK
Author: Ilik_78

One of the things you do early on in brave is to fly tackle. You can fly the mighty Atron, but I prefer the condor for my attempted heroics.

So it was a normal day in I1Y, neuts coming into the system near station to get a fight. Well, this little gang was composed of some frigates and they had a spot between the station and fortizar, off to a side. Some people in standing were waiting on the fortizar, but nobody attempted to burn to them. I take out my trusty condor and I warp as close as possible to them. It still leaves me 500km out. I start burning to put the gang between the fortizar and me. If I get close to 100km of them, standing will be able to warp directly on top of them! The distance grew shorter and the frigs were not moving very much and standing was taking a very close interest in my attempt to provide a warp-in. Eventually, the frigs start burning for me to close the distance. A fatal mistake as standing fleet starts warping to me at various distances and they land right on top of them! I shake off the frigs by warping off. I still needed to get on the killmails so I warp back in and get on two killmail and even get a last hit !

I am very happy to be part of Brave and the opportunity to see so many things about EVE in null space.

It lived? Get out! Suicide tackle is aptly named, you aren’t supposed to live dammit! Great position and bravery to burn at enemies so far away and to top it off, it worked! Standing is like your big brother, provided he’s not sleeping (or chatting to girls) you can start the fight and Standing will finish it, well, usually. The excitement of burning in and the accomplishment of seeing the enemies pop is all it takes for a PVP addiction to take over your EVE life, good tackle!

Notes in Blue are our own.