You Are Thinking of Coming Back to EVE. BRAVE, What’s Been Happening So Far?


First, we would like to say welcome back! Now you can peruse the website, reddit, or the forums. But who’s got that kind of time? Watch 300.

Where is everyone? See 300.

Good news, we still have a group of dedicated and talented individuals.

I’m German. What is FozzieSov? See Spear in 300.

Why does everyone hate FozzieSov? Not everyone hates #FozzieSov. See RixxJavix article.


We took SOV for the first time by ourselves under FozzieSov. We didn’t need help this time from anyone, even though it was faraway and less than ideal – we took SOV! “No one wanted Catch.” they said, and yet we still needed NC and a new coalition (RIP H.E.R.O.) to grind it with us. FozzieSov changes things. The game has/is changing.

And you don’t need standings to set a jumpclone!

7o Now get to Aunsou!